In working myself up to this project, I spent a lot of time thinking about gardens: curated spaces where we plant only that which we want to nourish and replicate. I learned about "moon gardens" which can be filled with flowers that bloom only at night. They might look unassuming during the day, but they come to life under the light of the moon.

I started midnight garden club in 2020, during the absence of the rave. Quarantine had me burning through movies and video games, and my compulsion to write sent me scrawling lengthy reviews on Letterboxd and Backlogged. Reviews can be great fun in their own way, but there's a consumerism inherent to the format that I'm uncomfortable with. They encourage us to make objective claims about quality, to project hegemonic criteria everywhere we look. By contrast, midnight garden club is about exploring the many subjective, personal reasons we fall in love with the artwork in our lives.

midnight garden club is also an evolution of outer ][ space, a newsletter about analyzing and understanding the fundamentals of the rave. Seven years into my journey of dance, I need a platform open to a wider range of expression. What that means, exactly, I haven't yet figured out. But that's why I write.

- cranberry thunderfunk

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